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[Video] Leaking Batteries in the Toy Robot

My webcam is broken so recording a video outside today. There's a little cameo from my cat partway through 🙂 We bought my son a little toy robot for Christmas and it suddenly stopped working. When I looked into it I discovered the batteries had leaked inside the...

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[Video] Sneak Peek Into Future Services

In the past I was customising each client's analytics reports, and while I still do that to some degree due to different industries, different traffic volumes, different business objectives and the like, I've been finding that the same kinds...

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[Video] Overview of a Management Dashboard

Today I'd like to show you an example of a Management Dashboard which I prepare for my clients so that they can easily get an understanding of key marketing channels and how they are helping to achieve Key Business Objectives. Before I prepare...

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[Video] How I Started My Analytics Agency

Hi! How are you going today? Today I thought I’d share with you how I ended up specialising in e-commerce analytics. I had a 10-year career as a corporate computer programmer and was working at a defence base about an hour drive from my home....

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What Do We Do – And Why Do We Do It?

I've recently finished reading Simon Sinek's great book called Start With Why and it has helped me to better express what it is that we do for our clients, and most importantly, why we do it. WHY We strongly believe that online retailers of all sizes should have the...

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One Minute Analytics on YouTube – My First Series

This blog post will present a series one of 1 Minute Analytics videos on YouTube. The videos provides you with a helpful introduction to some of the key issues in eCommerce marketing and Google Analytics. So without further ado... #1 - What...

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Does GDPR affect Australian small businesses?

This article is not intended to provide or replace legal advice. Please seek your own independent legal advisor if you need or want to achieve compliance to GDPR. What is GDPR? The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new privacy law...

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