Hi, I'm Petra

I help bloggers, consultants,

e-commerce owners,

and course creators to use

Google Analytics

for business success

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You want to use your Google Analytics because you know the benefits…


Get awesome business insight

You will be able to sniff out an opportunity without wasting a lot of time implementing it.

Get quick feedback

You can get automated emails to tell you if you have a highly positive or negative situation so that you can react to it quickly.


Feel good about yourself

You will achieve personal feelings of professionalism and clarity in your business.


Fix business problems

You can discover business problems while they are still small and then fix them.


Be more competitive

Develop your business or marketing idea before everyone else starts doing ithe same thing.


Grow your business with a team

You will have a greater ability to delegate tasks to others if you can confirm their actions are good for your business.

But something is holding you back

I understand the challenges

Entrepreneurs I have interviewed have shared with me the real truth about their experiences with Google Analytics:

“I did a course about Google Analytics. It goes along OK for a while and then it goes cray-cray!”


Graphics designer

“I can do the basics but I don’t know how to set it up in a truly meaningful way…”


“I have zero idea how to set mine up, otherwise I would. I am not great with technology!”


Life Coach

“I pull it up occasionally and stare at it blankly thinking, I should get better at knowing what all these stats mean.”



“It’s just getting my brain to translate that into what I’m wanting to do is the sticky part. Then, getting GA set up to track what I want.”

E-Course Creator

“I use it all the time for my clients, but I’d love some insider knowledge as I am sure I am just skimming the surface.”

Marketing Consultant

I can help you to take control of your Google Analytics

Here are what some happy clients have to say!

Petra helped me set up many aspects of Google Analytics, and I now feel confident in finding the information I need. It's definitely increased my understanding of my website audience and the data that comes out of it massively! Hannah

Runs a blog about family and home finances, Nipenda.com

As someone who is bamboozled by technical stuff, I find it's all too easy to push it to the back of the line. Petra took the time to explain things clearly and simply, and really helped me to understand how I could make google analytics work for me and my business. Keneena

E-Commerce Owner, Kablooie

We now have greater insights into how many people visit our site and when, where they come from and the detail of our traffic sources. Glad I spent the time with Petra to cut straight to the insights in our data. Time well spent! Nick

E-Course Creator, Successfully Navigating Redundancy

How we can work together

Free review of your Google Analytics

I’ll go through with my trusty checklist and check to make sure you’ve got everything you need in your Google Analytics account. I’ll give you a list of recommendations at the end to let you know if I found any problems or if you are missing some important features. Some great features of Google Analytics are turned off by default and if you don’t turn them on you really are missing out! Yes, this really is free, so I might have to pull this offer soon. Take it now while you can!

1 on 1 Strategy Session

Let’s solve a problem or create a strategy together. We will have a conversation while navigating your Google Analytics through Skype and it will all be recorded so you don’t need to take notes or remember later. This speeds up your understanding and gets rid of the overwhelm of learning it all yourself. My clients who have taken up this service LOVE the extra clarity.

Done-For-You Setup of Google Analytics

Would you like to capture data that can really help your business and set your business growth on super speed? There is so much you can do, you might not even realise it yet. How about tracking the keywords that people use to find you in Google? Keeping track of your conversion rate or cart abandonment at any point in your sales process? Understanding how users interact with your website? Let me know what you’re thinking and I’ll help to figure out a way.

Done-For-You Website Analysis

Get real business insights from your data by hiring an expert who can read your data and tell you what it really means. You can use your customised insights to grow your business to the next level.