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Today’s topic is a little more advanced, for people who are working in the digital marketing arena already and trying to use Google Analytics. Perhaps you’re trying to report some numbers to a client.

In Google Analytics, if you are familiar with the format you tend to have words on the left and numbers on the right.

The words on the left, those are called ‘Dimensions’ and it will include things like page names, events, country, product name, gender… basically anything that is text.

Then you have metrics which are the numbers and they come on the right-hand side of the tables. So you’ll see sessions, users, session duration, conversion rate, bounce rate… i.e. all the numbers and percentages.

What you’ll discover in Google Analytics — well the whole main point of Google Analytics – is that Google Analytics automatically aggregates all the numbers on the right for a particular piece of text on the left for any date range you choose.

A big problem happens when you have two or more pieces of text that have been separated for some reason, but they are supposed to be reported as one. When you go to report on what happened, you have two or more separate numbers and it gets messy. Today’s video will explain to you how to fix this issue using Google Data Studio!

Okie dokie! Well, hopefully, that will come in handy for you too if you’ve ever been scratching your head about how to clean up data that’s already happened.

Next time you can use filters in Google Analytics to make the data aggregate well and save yourself all the time and effort, but that’s another post for another day.

Take care and have a good one!

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SleepWise Clinic

Petra was instrumental in pulling all our clinic's web analytics into one easy to read, dynamic report that's accessible to me at any time, and works with our EXACT booking system.

This has allowed me to see, at a glance, what marketing initiatives are working, need tweaking, or changing altogether, saving me both time and money. I can't recommend her or her analytic services enough.

Ian Gale SleepWise Clinic Strategy Session August 1, 2018