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Today I had a client ask me how they can set up their Google Ads billing without a credit card.

Google Ads sets its rules on a ‘per country’ basis so you’d need to confirm if you can do this if you are residing outside of Australia, but it does look like Google Ads is now allowing PayPal payment of Google Ads advertising charges.

PayPal does allow you to direct debit from bank accounts as well as credit cards, so this is a good option if you only have a bank account available.

Additionally, Google Ads does allow you to make manual payments, but you can’t make manual payments without setting either credit card or PayPal as a billing option.

I haven’t tried this myself, but I suspect that if you were to get a pre-paid debit card you could use it just to set a card on the system. You could then make manual payments whenever you liked, as long as you kept ahead of your billing cycle so that you never became overdrawn.

Hopefully, that helps! Obviously, Google does want to be paid easily, so don’t expect to see too many unusual payment methods there any time soon, but at least Google Ads do offer a few options for those people who don’t have a credit card.

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