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Today’s post is relevant for ecommerce and SAAS websites, or any other website where clients could experience error messages leading up to a conversion.

In a recent video, I talked about how we were able to identify error messages that were appearing on a client’s website and then we were able to see which errors were having a large impact on sales. I find seeing a picture of data is a lot easier than just talking about it, so I created a graph that plots all the error messages out against revenue.

What we found was that errors at different stages of the buying cycle had different impact on sales.

In this case, an error message that is occurring late in the piece (probably something like an invalid credit card number) isn’t having a large impact on sales.

On the other hand, an error message that was being seen by more than 300 people resulted in a very poor sales outcome. The difference between the two error messages was 61X revenue!

We want to avoid having scenarios that are experienced by a large number of people and that lead to low revenue.

If your users are getting errors when they are trying to view products, fill in forms, download files, interact and/or generally shop on your website and they have not committed to a purchase yet, then it is very likely that they will hop off your website and go somewhere else.

Hopefully, your website is generally error-free, but if you’re wondering what might be causing your visitors to leave without buying then please contact me for a discovery call.

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Petra was instrumental in pulling all our clinic's web analytics into one easy to read, dynamic report that's accessible to me at any time, and works with our EXACT booking system.

This has allowed me to see, at a glance, what marketing initiatives are working, need tweaking, or changing altogether, saving me both time and money. I can't recommend her or her analytic services enough.

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