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Before I answer that question, let’s quickly de-jargon and explain what an affinity audience is!

An affinity audience broadly groups people based on general interests. It somewhat matches media buying audiences for broad media like TV, and so it is best used by marketers who are looking to scale broadly, but still target to some degree.

Affinity audiences are broader than In-Market / Intent audiences (those ones are a way to laser-focus on particular audiences who are researching or purchasing specific products or services) and focus more on someone’s interests, or what groups they like to hang out in.

Custom Affinity audiences are more specific than standard affinity audiences, but still broader than In-Market / Intent Audiences. They fill the gap between these two targeting methods.

They are like a “similar” audience, or a niche group.

While a Custom Intent audience will narrowly target someone who has been to a particular URL, or searched for specific keywords, a custom affinity audience for the same URLs and keywords will target users who have been to URLs and typed keywords “similar” to the ones you targeted.

Custom affinity audiences are really helpful for broadening custom intent and in-market audiences when you find a really effective audience but it is too small to scale.

For example, if you have a list of competitor websites in a Custom Intent audience, targeting these might get you a few impressions a day. But if you have a list of competitor websites in a Custom Affinity audience, you’ll get a broader audience, who might not have gone to those exact websites, but have been to other websites very similar.

Using Custom Affinity audiences you can target interests (based on keywords), URLs, Places and Apps.

Pro Tip – whenever you create a custom intent audience, pair it with a Custom Affinity audience for exactly the same terms to broaden a little from the very narrow targeting offered by Custom Intent.

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Monique Angeleri Ecommerce Google Ads

Working with Petra has been a fantastic experience. She has walked us through the entire google marketing process, worked within our budget, kept us up to date with the progress and sits down with us at the end of each month to explain how our ads are tracking. We couldn’t recommend Petra more, she is extremely accommodating and always has time to answer any questions we have along the way.

Monique Angeleri Marketing Director of Cadelle Leather [Ecommerce] Ecommerce Google Ads April 26, 2021

Amanda Matthews Ecommerce Google Ads
We have been working with Petra and her team at The Quantified Web for the past couple of years now. She has been helping us to build our online presence and sales with our supplement ecommerce business.
I struggle a lot with Google Ads and all the nitty gritty side to the adwords and algorithms, but Petra explains things in an easy to understand manner.
She and her team communicate with us well and frequently to keep us up to date on how our ads are running and what we can do to improve.
I couldn't recommend Petra and her team any more!

Amanda Matthews CEO of Body4Life [Ecommerce] Ecommerce Google Ads April 26, 2021

Adam Lochery Ecommerce Google Ads

We’ve been working with Petra and her team at the Quantified Web on our Google Ad Campaigns for 12 months now and in that time we’ve had to increase our targets on Return on Ad Spend due to the excellent performance of the campaigns she’s helped implement.

The data we receive is supremely rich and helps give valuable insight into key demographics, areas of interest, types of content most likely to resonate and most importantly, is communicated in a digestible, easy to understand format.

We thoroughly enjoy working with Petra and look forward to even more online success through our partnership

Adam Lochery Ecommerce Manager of Spacetalk [Ecommerce] Ecommerce Google Ads April 26, 2021

Jodi Benjamin Ecommerce Google Ads

I engaged Petras services because I was looking for someone to manage my google ads for my ecommerce business. I got that and SO MUCH MORE.

I was always very intimidated by google ads. I simply could not get my head around how to run and optimise a successful campaign, so I did not use it.

Then someone recommended Petra and my world changed. She is very data orientated, very analytical and razor focused on the small details, everything I am not good at. I never ever log into my google ads because I know Petra and her trusty team are all over it, and my google ads continue to drive very profitable traffic to my ecommerce store.

Since having Petra on my team I have grown considerably and I get about a 10x ROAS from my google ad spend. She has an open door and always has time for me and my million questions.

To top that all off, she is also a super nice and friendly person and has become a customer and huge fan of my brand. What more could you want! .

Jodi Benjamin CEO of Life of Colour [Ecommerce] Ecommerce Google Ads April 13, 2021

Kiara Buccella Google Ads
The Quantified Web has managed the Mayfair Hotel’s Google Ad campaigns for almost two years now.
We have had a wonderful experience with Petra, she demonstrates great care for her clients and is proactive in providing insights and suggestions on how to optimise performance.
Petra is thorough and efficient in her communication and we would certainly recommend her to others businesses.

Kiara Buccella Marketing Executive of Mayfair Hotel Google Ads Management April 26, 2021