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Today I’ll be answering the question “What is Google Ads “attribution”?”

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Attribution is the act of assigning credit for your business outcomes to the marketing that led to those outcomes. So for example, if you run several ads and one of them leads to a transaction on your website, your Google Ads attribution will help you to find out which ad it was.

Traffic to your website is made up of real people, and those people don’t always behave in a way that makes your attribution easy to understand.

​​Sometimes people come back to your website multiple times through different ads and different platforms (both paid and free) while they are in the process of purchasing or researching your offer.

To help assign value to different marketing, there are different attribution models that you can choose from in Google Ads. An attribution model sets the rules that determine how much credit each of your campaigns, ads etc should get.

​​By default, Google Ads and Google Analytics uses the “last click” attribution model. This model gives 100% credit to the last thing that your user clicked on prior to converting on your website.

This model is helpful for tracking simple conversions like phone calls, but for more considered conversions where a user conducts initial research and then returns to buy, a model should be selected that takes into account earlier interactions.

​​I like to use linear conversion model, and I also like to see revenue or conversions from “all users who ever came from Google Ads” – this is done by applying segments in Google Analytics or in a custom dashboard.

In addition to an attribution model, you need to set a timeframe in which Google Ads may credit the advertising as counting towards an attribution. I would typically set 30 days for a complex conversion and 7 days for a simple one like a phone call.

​​Consider how long your customers take to convert. If user clicks on an ad and then comes back to the website directly after the time has elapsed then no conversion will be recorded in Google Ads. You need longer timeframes if people take longer to convert.

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claudia impedovo

Our main purpose for generating these reports is about findings out information that will curb our strategy. The Audience Engagement Report provided us with new findings about our audience. We implemented new marketing elements based on those findings and they have increased sales.

Claudia Impedovo Brand Manager at Spendless Shoes Ecommerce Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager & Google Data Studio Integration April 23, 2020

Michelle Bridger

Petra's detailed reports and her personal assistance has been helping us to know where to concentrate our efforts and even showed us technical issues we needed to fix. Our Audience Engagement Report identified several key interests of our buying audience. We tried targeting one of those interests and it brought in two sales almost immediately! I highly recommend working with Petra and accessing her brilliance to scale your business.

Michelle Bridger Michelle Bridger, Facebook Advertising Specialist Ecommerce Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics & Google Data Studio Configuration April 23, 2020

leesa dawson

I am so grateful to have met you, as I think your insights are the BEST I have ever come across.

Leesa Dawson CEO, The Uniform Stylist Ecommerce Google Ads April 23, 2020

brett leggett

Hi Petra, Hope you are well, I checked out the Google Analytics and all I can say is AWESOME. You have essentially doubled her revenue in a month and the Google Ads seem to be popping off!

Brett Leggett Brett Leggett ✪ eCommerce Growth Specialist Ecommerce Google Ads April 23, 2020

Erica Stacey Scout Digital

I recently worked with Petra to improve my understanding of Google Tag Manager.

Petra not only provided a solid overview of GTM set up and event tracking, she also provided many tips on best practice, and answered the questions that I didn't even know to ask!

Petra is patient, fun to work with, and her analytical programming mind is hell bent on finding the BEST solution to any data, analytics or tracking problem.

Erica Stacey Scout Digital Marketing Strategy Session June 21, 2017