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Yes, B2B businesses get plenty of value from Google Ads, however the strategy used needs to be different.

Personally I specialise in using Google to generate revenue for transactional websites and so my own clients tend to be B2C, but I market my own business using Google Ads, and my business is very much B2B!

The trick with B2B businesses and their marketing is that:
1) you might need to educate your prospects on the need for your service before they’ll buy,
2) you need to structure your advertising in a way that encourages prospects to qualify themselves and opt-in to a conversation with you, and
3) you need to be able to stay in touch with prospects, so that you are top of mind when they need your service.

For these reasons, B2B PPC advertising is typically about sending prospects to well-designed information pages where they can opt in to hear from you further, and long-term remarketing campaigns so that you can build trust and familiarity with your prospects.

You can use Google Ads for distributing content marketing if this is your primary B2B strategy. This can be done well through Google Display advertising, or Google Search depending on which of these gets you the best Cost Per Lead. People are always looking for solutions to business challenges and so they would click on your ad if it is designed as a helpful content piece.

From there, you will need to ensure your landing pages are designed to convert prospects into leads. Good images and branding elements, a value-led approach for capturing email addresses and other contact information, and social proof by displaying logos of past and current clients are all good approaches.

The majority of B2B prospects will take their time and do research before reaching out to you, and will likely also ask their local networks for referrals. For this reason it’s important to gain long-term trust with your prospects and you can do that by sharing information that your prospects will find valuable so that they continue to see your presence over time.

They won’t want to hand over their email address until they’re ready, so being willing to freely give valuable information through articles, podcasts, videos, webinars, local seminars and then distributing this free information via a long-term remarketing display campaign can be really helpful for maintaining a relationship with prospects you don’t know personally yet.

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charles marois olsa tools

Working with Petra was a great experience, communication was easy and she is very organized. She also provided detailed reports of the work she had done and the results generated. We would definitely recommend her services.

Charles Marois CEO, Olsa Tools Ecommerce Google Ads April 23, 2020

brett leggett

Hi Petra, Hope you are well, I checked out the Google Analytics and all I can say is AWESOME. You have essentially doubled her revenue in a month and the Google Ads seem to be popping off!

Brett Leggett Brett Leggett ✪ eCommerce Growth Specialist Ecommerce Google Ads April 23, 2020

leesa dawson

I am so grateful to have met you, as I think your insights are the BEST I have ever come across.

Leesa Dawson CEO, The Uniform Stylist Ecommerce Google Ads April 23, 2020

Erica Stacey Scout Digital

I recently worked with Petra to improve my understanding of Google Tag Manager.

Petra not only provided a solid overview of GTM set up and event tracking, she also provided many tips on best practice, and answered the questions that I didn't even know to ask!

Petra is patient, fun to work with, and her analytical programming mind is hell bent on finding the BEST solution to any data, analytics or tracking problem.

Erica Stacey Scout Digital Marketing Strategy Session June 21, 2017

claudia impedovo

Our main purpose for generating these reports is about findings out information that will curb our strategy. The Audience Engagement Report provided us with new findings about our audience. We implemented new marketing elements based on those findings and they have increased sales.

Claudia Impedovo Brand Manager at Spendless Shoes Ecommerce Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager & Google Data Studio Integration April 23, 2020