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Google Ads Tip : Scaling A Shopping Campaign With High ROI

It’s fine to run one shopping campaign for all your products

Here’s how it happens. Generally when you set an “all products” campaign with a small budget you set a budget and a return on ad spend target and see what happens. Google does a pretty good job of identifying the best opportunities when you have a small budget. As your budget gets bigger, the returns drop. This is because in order to get enough impressions and clicks to serve your bigger budget, Google makes you pay more per click. So there is this horrible sideways lurch where your cost per click goes up as your budget rises, but your clicks and sales actually stay the same! The way to get out of that horrible funk is to set multiple campaigns with different criteria, keep your costs low on the ones that don’t perform as well, and raise your budgets and bids on the ones that perform the best over time.

And here’s the pinnable version…

Google Ads for Ecommerce Retail Shopping

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