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If you want to run Search ads in a very competitive market where no-one has ever heard of your brand before it may be expensive

The problem with running search ads for a very general market is that text Search results are often clicked on for the purpose of comparison shopping, and general keywords are usually much more expensive… If you sell bags for example, and you run a search ad under the keyword “bag” then you will pay a lot of money for the term, and you run the risk of paying for a lot of clicks that don’t turn into sales.

On the other hand, if you run your ad to your competitors’ brand names, you will get people clicking on your ad when they are just about to buy from a competitor. This may be a cheaper cost per click, and the person clicking may be more likely to buy from you because they are already in a buying frame of mind. This is especially true if your product is very similar or identical to what your competitor sells.

And here’s the pinnable version…

Google Ads for Ecommerce Retail Shopping

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