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For ecommerce stores, displaying simple product images and your brand logo can be a very effective Display Remarketing campaign

A lot of brands feel they need to reinvent themselves and go for flashy “creative” ads. That may be true on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but to be honest Google Ads is a much more pragmatic channel. The images on the Google Display Network will be quite small, and customers can miss small details easily. The type of remarketing ads that perform the best are typically product images, and so you’ll see even quite large brands can run some quite simple Google Ads remarketing campaigns. For best results, try not to go for a plain white background, as the remarketing ad will not stand out as well on a text-based website. Also, it can be better to have fewer, more relevant product images, rather than cramming too many images into a small space.

And here’s the pinnable version…

Google Ads for Ecommerce Retail Shopping

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