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Display Remarketing to people who have shown interest previously can get a higher ROI than your Shopping or Search campaigns

The trick here is not to remarket to “everyone” who has ever been to your website. Some of those people didn’t show any interest and left as soon as they reached your site. Those people are poor prospects to remarket to. There are three important aspects to keep in mind when selecting people to remarket to – Recency (how recently they visited), Frequency (did they come once, or more than once?) and Engagement (did they actively engage?). I like to remarket intensely to people who engaged for more than a minute within 30 days, but then I continue to remarket to people at a less intense pace over a full 540 days (this is the longest time that Google Ads gives you) as long as they engaged for at least a minute in a single visit. The short-term remarketing campaigns are great for finalising a sale whereas the longer-term lists are good for building trust over time, and showing the undecided your new products and promotions.

And here’s the pinnable version…

Google Ads for Ecommerce Retail Shopping

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