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Google Ads Tip : Tracking

Be sure to track phone calls from ads if you have a sales team who sell to incoming phone enquiries

If you sell B2B as well as B2C you may find that your average order size from phone calls and email enquiries are larger than your average order size from direct transaction. In this case, it is a good idea to assign a value for a phone call so that you can optimize for these and get a better idea of your advertising ROI. You can record an average fixed value for every tracked phonecall, or alternatively you can use a service where your salesperson inputs the transaction value at the end of the call. Google Ads phone call tracking is good for basic call tracking. Dedicated services like Delacon, Avanser and others provide more features. These are perfect when you want to track all incoming marketing channels or if you have a more complicated website.

And here’s the pinnable version…
Google Ads for Ecommerce Retail Shopping

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