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Online Sales Secrets From a PPC Master‚Äč

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Advertising agency director Petra Manos, shares her secrets for making online sales using Google Ads.

Double Your Shopping Profits Cheat Sheet

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Download this cheat sheet if you would like to know how to maximize profits from Google Ads shopping campaigns by selling more of your highest margin inventory.

Ultimate Google Shopping Checklist

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Do you manage any Shopping campaigns? Not sure how to improve their performance? Here’s the resource you need if you want to get a higher ROI from your advertising.

Ecommerce Google Analytics

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Petra Manos reveals in this free ebook how to use your Google Analytics data to sell more products from your website

Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Up Google Analytics Universal

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Step-by-step video course for setting up Google Analytics Universal properly so that you don’t have to battle irritating issues in Google Analytics.

How to Easily Calculate Your Google Ads ROI By Linking Google Analytics And Google Ads

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Three Interactive Checklists for Desktop and Mobile.

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