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I ran into a pesky problem today in Google Tag Manager, where some tags were listed as ‘Still Running’ when viewed in the Google Tag Manager preview pane. One ‘Still Running’ tag prevents other tags from firing if they are triggered at the same time and haven’t run yet, so you can end up with several tags ‘Still Running’ if you trigger them all at the same time. This can be quite a pain and, depending on your experience with Google Tag Manager, not straightforward to fix.

Here are three errors that typically lead to the pesky ‘Still Running’ problem. If you’ve found this because you have the same issue, do any of these solutions fix it for you?

Error #1 – Mixing Settings with Constants

One time where this can happen is if you have a Google Analytics Settings variable in a Constant field, or a Constant variable in a Google Analytics Settings field. This can happen when you have an account that has been running a while and still uses the Constant method of setting up a Google Analytics tag. If you then go to add a Settings variable out of habit but add the Constant instead, your setup will break.

Error #2 – Infinite Loop

Another common cause of this issue is a custom javascript function (either as a tag or as a variable) that has an infinite loop in it. Any time that that variable or tag runs the function, Google Tag Manager will get stuck. To track down this type of error you want to put a Console.Log call in your javascript function. If your console log outputs infinitely, then you’ve probably got this issue on your hands.

Error #3 – Race Condition

This is the issue that I ran into today, and this can be a tricky one to diagnose. Basically this occurs if you have code that calls variables that haven’t been properly initialised yet. If your ‘Still Running’ condition is occuring on Page View, then this could be the problem. To solve this problem, you can move functions that require heavy processing of variables to DOM Ready or even Window Loaded, so that the initialisation steps have already been done at Pageview. You can also require that another tag runs before the tag that is firing using Tag Sequencing.

In my case today, I just moved the offending tags to DOM Ready and the problem was resolved.

So there you have it. Three different errors and three different solutions. I hope that this helps you out if you run into the same thing!

Have you ever run into this issue due to a different cause? If so, please comment below and share your tips.


brett leggett

Hi Petra, Hope you are well, I checked out the Google Analytics and all I can say is AWESOME. You have essentially doubled her revenue in a month and the Google Ads seem to be popping off!

Brett Leggett Brett Leggett ✪ eCommerce Growth Specialist Ecommerce Google Ads April 23, 2020

david clayton myomasters

Your attention to detail is beyond what I had expected. The detail of the data is incredible. The best part though was to learn the profile demographic - which is very different to whom I think I've been trying to target through social.

David Clayton Director, Myomasters Massage Health Clinic Google Ads April 23, 2020

claudia impedovo

Our main purpose for generating these reports is about findings out information that will curb our strategy. The Audience Engagement Report provided us with new findings about our audience. We implemented new marketing elements based on those findings and they have increased sales.

Claudia Impedovo Brand Manager at Spendless Shoes Ecommerce Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager & Google Data Studio Integration April 23, 2020

Sophie Abnett

Here at 1834 Hotels we centralise the marketing for many different hotels. It can be an enormous undertaking to monitor and track the performance of each one, especially when they are all on separate webpages.

Petra helped to resolve this difficulty by creating a central hub in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics with Cross-domain tracking and Ecommerce as well. She created many valuable analytics dashboards and reports that draw from the centralized source. Now that we have all the analytics tracking working it has improved the accuracy of our reporting and the insights have helped develop better marketing strategies.

Petra’s skills and wealth of knowledge is fantastic. I would recommend Petra without hesitation.

Sophie Abnett Digital Marketing Project Manager at 1834 Hotels Ecommerce / Hotel Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager & Google Data Studio Integration April 23, 2020

leesa dawson

I am so grateful to have met you, as I think your insights are the BEST I have ever come across.

Leesa Dawson CEO, The Uniform Stylist Ecommerce Google Ads April 23, 2020