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This blog post will present a series one of 1 Minute Analytics videos on YouTube. The videos provides you with a helpful introduction to some of the key issues in eCommerce marketing and Google Analytics. So without further ado…

#1 – What does Google Analytics do?

#2 – What can I do with Google Analytics?

#3 – What does Google Tag Manager do?

#4 – How do I know if Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager are on my website?

#5 – Is my Google Analytics working?

#6 – How much traffic am I getting on my website?

#7 – How do I see which pages are landing pages for Google organic search?

#8 – Who are my website’s top referrers?

#9 – How can I add my own data to my URLs?

#10 – What is the age range for my website?

#11 – Do mainly men or women visit my website?

#12 – What is a segment in Google Analytics?

#13 – What is the difference between a filter and a segment in Google Analytics?

#14 – How much traffic am I getting on my website?

#15 – Why are my visitors’ session times so short?

So there is a lot of information contained within those videos, and yet they will only take up 15 minutes of your time! If you do have quarter of an hour to spare, I highly recommend checking them out.

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SleepWise Clinic

Petra was instrumental in pulling all our clinic's web analytics into one easy to read, dynamic report that's accessible to me at any time, and works with our EXACT booking system.

This has allowed me to see, at a glance, what marketing initiatives are working, need tweaking, or changing altogether, saving me both time and money. I can't recommend her or her analytic services enough.

Ian Gale SleepWise Clinic Strategy Session August 1, 2018