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This is the 18th lesson video from my course The Exact Process For Setting Up Google Analytics – https://www.thequantifiedweb.com/exactga.

I decided to post the videos from the lessons publicly, but I encourage you to log into the course because from within the course you can access the written notes and the checklists, plus access my special offer. The course is completely free to register 🙂

Once you start to add goals to your Google Analytics account, you can sometimes find that you have 5, 10, 15 even 20 different goals! If you’ve been following along with this course we’ve asked you to add a few extra goals, and a few extra views as well. The last thing you want is a cumbersome process for copying all those goals around, so luckily Google Analytics has supplied us with a method for copying them across views.

Now this process is not entirely intuitive (I think their UI could really improve in this area!) so do follow along with the videos to see how to do it yourself, otherwise, you might get stuck trying to work it out on your own.

If you liked this video and want to find the next one, look out for the article How to Convert Parameters to Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics.

This next video changes topic completely and is useful for Ecommerce setups in particular. It will teach you how to pull out all the parameters on your URL (those are all the bits of text after a question mark on your URL) and turn them into custom dimensions. That way they don’t muck up your page view counts, but you can still see the information from them. If you have an Ecommerce business you might find it really helpful!

If you don’t have an Ecommerce business (or if you do), the next video after the one about Custom Dimensions is called How To Configure Custom Channels in Google Analytics. In that video, you’ll learn how to fix up all of your Sources and Source / Mediums into custom channels so that you can report your most relevant incoming traffic streams, rather than trying to deal with painful aggregation issues like facebook.com and m.facebook.com and lm.facebook.com and a million different flavours of Pinterest. In my opinion, every business should configure custom channels, so don’t miss that one.

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SleepWise Clinic

Petra was instrumental in pulling all our clinic's web analytics into one easy to read, dynamic report that's accessible to me at any time, and works with our EXACT booking system.

This has allowed me to see, at a glance, what marketing initiatives are working, need tweaking, or changing altogether, saving me both time and money. I can't recommend her or her analytic services enough.

Ian Gale SleepWise Clinic Strategy Session August 1, 2018