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Here’s a quick tip with regards to tracking conversions in Google ads so that you can attribute actual revenue to your ads.

You’ll definitely want to make sure that your ads are earning you money, and tracking conversions is how you do it.

Step 1. Write down all the ways you can make money from your website

What I suggest you do, is open a new spreadsheet and for every website you have, and create a column for that website. Jump on to your website and start looking for different places where you could earn money. List each one on your spreadsheet like we’ve done here.

With some websites you’ll find that the sales process occurs in stages. So in this case we’ve got “started booking” and then there’s a process the users have to do (completing and submitting the form). Once they have finished they get to a thank-you page and we track them again. This way we track the people who start and the people who finish to make sure that we don’t have lots of people dropping off. We want to know if users are trying to submit but getting stuck. It might be an effective ad but an ineffective sales form.

On our spreadsheet we’ll list things like “submitting an email address”, “phone call”, “completed booking” etc. If you’ve got more than one website you’ll probably have different conversions on each of the websites, so make sure you look at each website separately and jot down all the places people can submit, contact, interact or buy.

Step 2. Match these up to Google Ads conversions you have in your Google Ads account

Once you’ve written down all the places where you can make money from your website, what I recommend you do next is go into your Google Ads and make sure that for each of these you have a corresponding conversion in Google Ads. For the time being, track it on your spreadsheet. You can just copy the rows from your spreadsheet under “Website” and duplicate them under a new heading called “Google Ads”. Map the conversions you already have in Google Ads to the conversions on your website by colour-coding them like we’ve done here. Any conversions you don’t have in Google Ads you can just mark in red on your spreadsheet and then you’ll know which conversions you’re missing and still need to track.

To track these conversions in Google Ads you can create a Google Ads Conversion Tracking tag or you can import them from Google Analytics. There’s other options as well. With a Google Ads tracking tag, the easiest way is to have your conversions and revenue added via Google Tag Manager.

Sometimes tracking conversions can be a little bit tecchie. Depending on how accurate you want to be, you might need the help of a developer or a Google Tag Manager specialist. If you need any help with this, reach out because this is something that we do all the time. Here at The Quantified Web, we can do all the Tag Manager tracking as well as Google Ads.

Step 3. Add values to conversions that are likely to lead to income

Once you’ve logged all the places where you can earn revenue, think through how much actual value each of these things is worth. Some user interactions (like transacting) are immediately valuable, whereas some might not be as valuable now because only a certain percentage of people go on to buy. For each of the things you have written on your list, you will want to estimate how much you think you are likely to earn from each user that does that.

On the example of bookings which is seen in this video, some booking engines allow you to import transactions, or they might send transactions straight to Google Analytics. Once you have the transaction and transaction value in Google Analytics you can import that booking into Google Ads automatically. If all your bookings are the same price you might be able to get a precise value into Google Ads, otherwise you’ll need to provide an average.

Even better, if you can sell directly from your own website, you can add revenue tracking code that passes the exact revenue straight into your Google Ads account.

If your leads convert offline, there might be a bit of a sales process that you have at this point so it might be only a percentage of your leads that turn into actual sales. In this case, you’ll want to estimate a reasonable value of each lead based on an average sale price and your sales closing ratio from a website lead.

If you’re an ecommerce business, then most of your revenue will come from transactions. You’ll definitely want to have a Google Ads conversion that pulls in the actual transaction value of your website transactions.

Once you’ve worked out how much you want to assign to each of your conversions, write that on your spreadsheet. When you add your conversions into Google ads check each one and make sure that you have the Google Ads value assigned for each conversion.

Step 4. Lie back and relax, you’re done!

Following this process described above, you can track how much revenue you’re actually earning from your ads. No more wondering if they’re working or not!

Bonus Step: If you’d rather pull your own teeth than track conversions in a spreadsheet, why don’t you invest in someone to get all this set up for you? 

Honestly it might be one of the best investments you’ve ever made! I don’t know if you can tell from all my posts and videos, but I actually love all this number crunching (yep, I love me a good spreadsheet) and I’m really great at using Google marketing to generate revenue so I pay for myself. If you’re ready to make more revenue from your website, then why don’t you reach out. I promise not to bite 🙂

Sophie Abnett

Here at 1834 Hotels we centralise the marketing for many different hotels. It can be an enormous undertaking to monitor and track the performance of each one, especially when they are all on separate webpages.

Petra helped to resolve this difficulty by creating a central hub in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics with Cross-domain tracking and Ecommerce as well. She created many valuable analytics dashboards and reports that draw from the centralized source. Now that we have all the analytics tracking working it has improved the accuracy of our reporting and the insights have helped develop better marketing strategies.

Petra’s skills and wealth of knowledge is fantastic. I would recommend Petra without hesitation.

Sophie Abnett Digital Marketing Project Manager at 1834 Hotels Ecommerce / Hotel Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager & Google Data Studio Integration April 23, 2020

Nadia Rossi

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Petra over the last year and a half. 1834 Hotels centralises marketing for over 20 hotels around Australia, all with different branding and websites. On an analytics level Petra’s skills have allowed us to monitor and track our marketing efforts in the digital space. Bringing Petra onboard to manage our Google Ads was one of the best marketing decisions we have made. Her thoroughness and attention to detail is incredible, her insights have helped develop better marketing strategies and demonstrate to shareholders return on investment. I would highly recommend working with Petra.

Nadia Rossi Digital Marketing at 1834 Hotels Ecommerce / Hotel Google Ads April 23, 2020

leesa dawson

I am so grateful to have met you, as I think your insights are the BEST I have ever come across.

Leesa Dawson CEO, The Uniform Stylist Ecommerce Google Ads April 23, 2020

Kiley Hay Baby Carriers Australia

I have been working with Petra for over a year now after changing from a much larger digital marketing provider and I could not be more pleased with the service and results my business is achieving.

With my previous providers I felt disconnected with limited communication. Petra on the other hand provides me with knowledge and information in a language I can understand that helps me make informed decisions not just about digital marketing but also my e-commerce business as a whole.

Petra has helped me navigate seasonal drops in trade creating a strategy that helped us grow and establish a healthy position in the market. It is an absolute joy to work with someone who loves what they do. I have complete confidence in recommending Petra to anyone considering e-commerce digital marketing, she is efficient, trusted and a true professional.

Kiley Hay CEO of Baby Carriers Australia Ecommerce Google Ads April 23, 2020

Ian Gale - Sleepwise Clinic

Petra was instrumental in pulling all our clinic's web analytics into one easy to read, dynamic report that's accessible to me at any time, and works with our EXACT booking system.

This has allowed me to see, at a glance, what marketing initiatives are working, need tweaking, or changing altogether, saving me both time and money. I can't recommend her or her analytic services enough.

Ian Gale SleepWise Clinic Analytics Dashboard August 1, 2018