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The Benefit To Dynamic Search Ads [How to Think Like a Google Ads Agency]

When you want to get started with Search (text) ads, I usually recommend a semi automated approach. Google Ads have a Dynamic Search campaign type that picks the keywords and landing pages for you. This works GREAT for businesses with a lot of landing pages. Optimize for specific keywords and landing pages once once you know what works.

— Petra Manos
High ROI Ecommerce Google Ads Specialist

With a traditional Google Ads Search campaign you’d have to pick your keywords and then wait and see if you were right. With this new approach you can let Google choose your keywords and then find out exactly which words got you the highest ROI. You can always create campaigns for those specific keywords at a later time. This saves you a heap of time and is more profitable as you can start getting results straight away.

Ecommerce businesses should create text ads focused on individual products so that the searcher goes straight to the product page rather than to your home page.

— Petra Manos
High ROI Ecommerce Google Ads Specialist

Luckily Google Ads gives us a super easy way to do this for Ecommerce businesses – Dynamic Search ads! These ads automatically replace the ad heading and the landing page URL with the title and URL from your website that ranks the best for the keyword being searched. So for example, if you sell 200 different varieties of shoes, Google will replace the title and the landing page for the specific shoe that best matches the term being typed. This is an extremely powerful technique that leads to super high conversion rates for many of my clients.

It is important to have your Search advertising aligned with the intent of the person performing the search. Ads should be grouped based on keyword and adjusted accordingly.

— Petra Manos
High ROI Ecommerce Google Ads Specialist

Imagine you were having a conversation with someone and every time you talked about one thing they talked about something else! You would feel like they did not care about the conversation and you would leave. So it is with Search ads. A searcher initiates a conversation based on what they search for. How you reply is up to you, but if your response is not in line with the conversation then don’t expect them to click on your ad.
Look carefully at your search terms and see if they fit into different conversations. It might be subtle like the difference between someone searching for a hat vs searching for a cap. You’ll want to use the same language in your ad so that they feel like you understand what they want.

Dynamic Search Ads find the most relevant page on your website for any search term. This is really helpful for retailers who have many pages. BUT, it will sometimes take visitors to less desirable pages like blog posts. Exclude these pages from your Dynamic Search Campaigns to increase ROI.

— Petra Manos
High ROI Ecommerce Google Ads Specialist

To exclude a page from a Dynamic Search Campaign, you can specify individual excluded pages, or you can use a rule. So for example, if you have a blog and all of your blog posts have /blog/ in the URL then you can create a rule that says any URL containing “blog” will automatically be excluded from the Dynamic Campaign. This option is in the Dynamic Targets setting for the Dynamic Ad.

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