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Google Ads Remarketing Strategy

Google Ads Remarketing Strategy [How to Think Like a Google Ads Agency]

You can specify remarketing audiences with Google Search and Shopping campaigns if you want to targer users who have previously clicked through from Social Media promotions.

— Petra Manos
High ROI Ecommerce Google Ads Specialist

Essentially you set this campaign up just like any other Search or Shopping campaign, but you set your campaign to “Target” your remarketing audience. Set up a long term remarketing audience for this; for example up to 540 days! (You will need at least 1000 people in your list, so make sure you use a long time frame).

Now that you have your remarketing campaign set up you might want to bid a little more in the Google Ads auction for these users so that you get more clicks from them. Depending on how you adjust your bid, you will want to set it up to offer a little more than usual. With manual CPC you can add a “Bid Adjustment” on the Audience itself. So for example a 20% bid adjustment means you are prepared to pay 20% more per click from these users. If you are using automated bidding, you can adjust the target to a higher CPA or lower ROAS target and this will cause Google Ads to set a higher CPC in order to reach more people in this group.

The people on your remarketing list won’t always click on the ads, but you will be top of mind, and when they want your products they will search for your brand or come to your website directly.

— Petra Manos
High ROI Ecommerce Google Ads Specialist

The way that advertising works online is not always as cut and dry as simply “They clicked. They bought.” Online is simply an extension of offline shopping, and the way people shop generally is a random jumble of what brands they like best, what they saw the day they needed one, what was on sale, what was promoted in a catalogue they read, which one their friend just bought etc etc. You can bet that your online shoppers buy in pretty similar ways.

You can get ahead of your competition by using Display advertising to say “top of mind” (brand of choice) so that this becomes one of the considerations your shopper uses to decide where to buy from. When you are the brand of choice, your shopper will type in your brand name and go straight to your store, so you might not see that your Display advertising was the one that worked.

These days, the most profitable campaigns are typically remarketing campaigns because you are capturing the attention of people who are already in your market.

— Petra Manos
High ROI Ecommerce Google Ads Specialist

I find that remarketing campaigns typically outperform almost every other campaign type, but the catch is that if you want to grow, you need to continually add to the remarketing list as not everyone on your list wants to buy right now. You can’t rely on remarketing alone, but it should always be a part of your advertising mix.

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