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Google Ads Remarketing VS Email

Google Ads Remarketing vs Email [How to Think Like a Google Ads Agency]

You can use the Google Display channel to share the same information you would share via email to your remarketing list. Low open rates become no longer an issue.

— Petra Manos
High ROI Ecommerce Google Ads Specialist

Maybe you never thought of Display advertising for this purpose, but did you know that anything you send via email can be sent via display? Take advantage of long-term remarketing lists to reach out to people who know you and love you but who hate wading through emails.

Unlike email, you do need to pay for remarketing ads. But you are not getting unsubscribed, and you’re not competing for attention in a crowded email inbox.

— Petra Manos
High ROI Ecommerce Google Ads Specialist

Maybe it’s just me, but I am so exhausted from all the email these days that I just unsubscribe from almost everything, or filter them away to a promotions folder. I’d much, much, much rather receive a targeted ad over an email. I am sure there are others out there like me. No need to ditch all your email addresses, but instead take advantage of the far-reaching power of Display remarketing campaigns to reach a wider audience of people who know and love you. Display remarketing will share your promo or content efficiently, and you only pay for people who are interested enough to click on it.

By default, Google gives you only 30 days user retention on a remarketing list. This is akin to deleting your email contacts every month! Create additional lists up to 540 days.

— Petra Manos
High ROI Ecommerce Google Ads Specialist

The default remarketing list that comes with Google Analytics is “All Users” and it is a 30-day list. This means it includes everyone who came to your website in 30 days, even the people who bounced immediately, but the people who know you and love you (such as past customers who last transacted 3 months ago) are no longer on your list! Not having your best audiences on your remarketing list is crazy, because these are the people who are most likely to buy from you again since they had such a good experience last time. Google lets you create lists up to 540 days. I recommend creating a 540-day list of anyone who interacted favourably on your website for at least a minute and running it as a separate campaign alongside a shorter-term cart saving one. (And the cart saving list shouldn’t count people who bounced). You’ll be surprised at how profitable your past customers can be when they are reminded to buy from you again.

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