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Using the Model Comparison Tool in Google Analytics

The Model Comparison tool is an aspect of Google Analytics that helps you to attribute completed transactions to specific marketing campaigns. This is really useful, because you need to know whether any specific marketing campaign was good Return on Investment or poor...

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How to Use the Segment Builder in Google Analytics

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, segmentation is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal in Google Analytics. So it is vital to make the most of the Segment Builder included in the software. This article will tell you exactly how to achieve that. Now...

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Taking your Segmentation Analysis Further

I'm a big fan of using Google Analytics data in novel ways to help you to understand what is happening on your website. One of these ways is to look at convertibility of each page. Its the equivalent of comparing the percentage of users who converted with the...

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Adding Your Ecommerce Goals to Google Analytics

As I was describing in my last article, Setting Ecommerce Goals in Google Analytics and Why This is So Important, one of the key aspects of Google Analytics is defining your Goals. This is how you tell Google Analytics precisely what you're looking to achieve. This is...

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