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What types of Google Ads advertisements are available?

Google Ads types include Search ads (fixed text and responsive search), Display ads (fixed-size banner ads and responsive ads), Smart ads (text ads that run on the Search network and the Display network) Shopping ads (ads that pull product data from a shopping feed),...

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Can Google Search Network show image ads?

The Google Display Network can host banner ads and video ads, but the Google search results only show Search ads and Shopping ads. Shopping ads do show product images and so they can look similar to banner ads. They're labeled as “Sponsored" or appear with an "Ad" or...

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How can you find your competitors using Google Ads?

You can use Google Ads to find out the businesses who are directly competing against you for the same keywords and geographical region. In your Google Ads, click one of your campaigns, then select Auction Insights. The Auction Insights report lets you compare your...

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How does advertising through Google Ads work?

Google Ads lets you place your ads on its three advertising networks, the Search Network, the Display Network and the Youtube Network. When advertising on the Search Network, you target keywords that are relevant to what your business offers and your prospective...

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Do people really click on Google Ads?

In many instances searchers are looking to buy a product or service and they specifically look at the ads, because they assume that those will be more relevant than the articles. When your prospect searches for a product or service in Google they will click on your ad...

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Where do Google Ads text ads appear?

Google Ads text ads appear in Google search engine results pages (SERPs) when searching for a product or service using a set of keywords. Search ads or text ads are always displayed before or after the organic search results. As many as four ads can show above the...

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Does Google Ads work for all businesses?

It does work for “most” businesses, although your strategy may need to be different than another business, depending upon your budget, your goals, the price of your products and services and how competitive your industry is. Using Google Ads you can create brand...

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Is Google Ads free to use?

Running ads through Google Ads is charged per click, or per 1000 display impressions depending on your billing option. Most business use the per click, model also known as Pay Per Click (PPC). This means you’ll get charged for every click your ads will receive. That...

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The Pros and Cons of Hiring Remote Help

I've become a regular panelist on a podcast called The Freelancer Show. Its been running for several hundred episodes now and helps small business owners to navigate the waters of freelancing. In this week's episode I was the guest speaker and we discussed the pros...

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Using Google Tag Manager to Track The Value of Checkboxes

Today I setup conversion tracking for a website that was designed around a more-complex-than-usual intake form. This form required the user to select from check boxes at each step (5 steps total). The final submission passed the values from the check boxes along with...

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How to Get a Disapproved Ad Manually Reviewed by Google

No matter how hard you try, you are occasionally going to have some of your ads disapproved by Google. If its never happened, you must not be creating enough ads! Here's a disapproval I got for one of my own ads this week:   And here is the ad that was...

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Are You Losing Clicks Due to Incorrect Bids in Google Ads?

Google Ads has an exhausting number of different options for setting bids. You can also adjust them with bidding modifiers in even more places, leading to a confusing array of different bids across your campaigns. This can get you into trouble as you may not realise...

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How to Track Profits From Your Google Ads Campaigns

Have you ever felt frustrated because you were running several Google Ads campaigns and you didn't know which ones were profitable and which were not? By profitable, I mean the revenue earned from the campaign, less the cost of the ads give you a positive number....

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How to use Google Trends Data for Ecommerce

Google Trends is a useful tool for Ecommerce businesses because it lets you see how products, product categories, brands and competitors are trending over time through the world's largest search engine, Google. You can search for a single term, or you can compare up...

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[Video] How to Get Your Highest Ever Ecommerce Revenue

If you know me, you know I am a big nerd and love graphs. I especially love graphs like this one which show my Ecommerce client's revenue going up and up and up in the few months since we started working together. PS. We went on to improve revenue even further in...

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[Video] How to Set Up a Content Distribution System

This video isn't about Google Marketing, but I thought you would enjoy a "behind the scenes" view of how I organise my content marketing system through Monday.com. I work with an assistant who helps me to distribute all my content, and this system allows us both to...

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The Ultimate Guide to Setting up Google Analytics [Detailed]

In June 2019 I created a detailed course where you can access all my checklists that my team uses to set up Google Analytics. We are giving away access to this course entirely for free. I had my videos  transcribed and between them they have a word count of 36,000...

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You Can’t Do Much Work in a Hospital

Today I spent the entire afternoon and evening in the children's emergency waiting room, waiting for my son to have a cut mended after he fell off some play equipment. Ouch. I'm not good with painful, bleeding or other medically unhappy things. Also the doctors warned...

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