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Don’t waste your Google Ads spend on irrelevant keywords

Google Ads has a concept called "Negative Keywords" which is where you can specify which keywords you don't want to bid on. What I do is calculate the ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) on every search word over time (all automated), so we can easily work out which words led...

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Avoid searching for your own ads!

If you want to see how your ads are performing, use Google Ads to pull up a report. Search Impression Share % tells you the percentage of users eligible to see your ad where the ad was shown by Google. Search Top IS (%) tells you the percentage of users eligible to...

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Be careful in setting your Google Ads bidding targets

Essentially, Google Ads will follow the path of least resistance. So if you set a high target on one campaign and a low target on another campaign, all things being equal your budget will be spent more on the campaign with the lower target. You can get yourself into...

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We’re so accustomed to shopping online

We’re in the era of ecommerce. Mobile phones to the rescue! Ecommerce owners, I’m sure you know this already, but please make sure your website is mobile friendly! And cart saving emails really do make a big difference for the occasional instance when your customer...

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