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The Pros and Cons of Hiring Remote Help

I've become a regular panelist on a podcast called The Freelancer Show. Its been running for several hundred episodes now and helps small business owners to navigate the waters of freelancing. In this week's episode I was the guest speaker and we discussed the pros...

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Using Google Tag Manager to Track The Value of Checkboxes

Today I setup conversion tracking for a website that was designed around a more-complex-than-usual intake form. This form required the user to select from check boxes at each step (5 steps total). The final submission passed the values from the check boxes along with...

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How to Get a Disapproved Ad Manually Reviewed by Google

No matter how hard you try, you are occasionally going to have some of your ads disapproved by Google. If its never happened, you must not be creating enough ads! Here's a disapproval I got for one of my own ads this week:   And here is the ad that was...

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How to Check Your Google Shopping Ads For Errors [Video]

A quick one for Google Shopping users! Make sure that when you do list your products on Google shopping that you test how the products look when people search for your products. You can do a search in Google and you can bring yourself up as a seller. Choose shopping...

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Featured Posts

Use Google Analytics to find your best Pinterest pins

This is a step-by-step Google Analytics tutorial that you can use to find the Pinterest pins that are driving traffic to your website. Follow along with me and soon you'll know which pins are driving all your traffic and who is pinning them....

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