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How to Check Your Google Shopping Ads For Errors [Video]

A quick one for Google Shopping users! Make sure that when you do list your products on Google shopping that you test how the products look when people search for your products. You can do a search in Google and you can bring yourself up as a seller. Choose shopping...

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Why use Google Ads if SEO is free?

Firstly, let me dispel a myth here. SEO is not free at all. SEO cost is 100% spent as labour cost (i.e. you have to pay an agency or staff members to do it) as opposed to Google Ads which is partly labour cost and partly advertising cost. Depending on how much time...

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What is a good conversion rate for Google Ads?

This really depends on what you are tracking as a conversion, but I’ll assume you’re asking about leads or transactions. (It depends on how “early” the conversion is. You will get a higher conversion rate if you measure an earlier interaction like an add-to-cart...

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How can I use Google Ads to boost my landing pages?

If you’re using landing page software with the intention of generating leads or sales via an online sales funnel (eg ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Infusionsoft, Unbounce, or a custom-built landing page) then the first thing you’ll be wanting to do is send traffic to that...

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Does using Google Ads affect your organic ranking?

According to moz.com, paid ads don’t directly affect organic rankings. But there are indirect effects of using paid ads that will lead to a higher organic ranking over time. For example running paid ads may lead to increased linking to your website, mentions of your...

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How does the Google Ads Display Network ad auction work?

Google Ads uses an auction to determine which ads to show on the Display Network and how much those ads will cost. The Display Network ad auction is ranked among other advertisers' ads based on Ad Rank, which is based on your bid and your Quality Score. Quality Score...

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Can I target specific companies using Google Ads?

Yes, we often see this occurring when a business targets their competitor. This might even be happening to you! See the image below for an example of Pipedrive targeting Freshsales. You can target brand keywords or names of companies using Google Search, and you can...

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How can I get more impressions for Google Display ads?

Google Display has a weird anomaly where the nicest looking ads don’t necessarily lead to the greatest number of impressions and clicks. It all comes down to which ad slot sizes Google needs to fill, and which ads it has available to fill them. Because fixed-size...

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