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The Ultimate Guide to Setting up Google Analytics [Detailed]

In June 2019 I created a detailed course where you can access all my checklists that my team uses to set up Google Analytics. We are giving away access to this course entirely for free. I had my videos  transcribed and between them they have a word count of 36,000...

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You Can’t Do Much Work in a Hospital

Today I spent the entire afternoon and evening in the children's emergency waiting room, waiting for my son to have a cut mended after he fell off some play equipment. Ouch. I'm not good with painful, bleeding or other medically unhappy things. Also the doctors warned...

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Tracking What a User Types on Your Form

Pulling a promo code field from a form Today one of the projects we worked on was a quick job in which we pulled what the user typed into a "promo code" field off the form and into Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager. The business was planning to use several...

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[Video] How and Why to Split Gender in Google Ads

Today I’m going to discuss the topic of gender in Google Ads and how to separate your campaigns into men and women. When would we want to separate campaigns into men and women? Here are some times when you might consider splitting the campaign: You are selling a...

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[Video] When Should You Use Google Ads?

Today I wanted to go into when it would be a good idea to use Search-based Google Ads (eg Search and Shopping) for your business. Certainly, if you sell products from your website you should be using Google Ads as long as people are searching for those products and...

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[Video] How to Track a Quiz on Your Website

Do you have a quiz on your website or as part of your digital marketing? If you have a quiz on your website you can identify different types of users who are coming to your website based on their responses to your quiz and then you can use that in your analytics to...

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[Video] How Do You Track Users Who Convert Offline?

I've had a few people ask me recently, if they do B2B sales, how can they track users who have purchased from them offline. This is a real problem if you are investing in digital marketing and want to use a data-backed approach. Lets say you have a mixture of B2C and...

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[Video] Help! My Bounce Rate is TOO HIGH-Or Too Low

Let's talk about bounce rate today! Your bounce rate could be too high or too low, so let's have a chat about what that means and what you can do about it. First up, what is a bounce rate? Your bounce rate is the percentage of your visitors who leave without 'doing...

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[Video] How To Pay For Google Ads Without a Credit Card

Today I had a client ask me how they can set up their Google Ads billing without a credit card. Google Ads sets its rules on a 'per country' basis so you'd need to confirm if you can do this if you are residing outside of Australia, but it does look like Google Ads is...

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[Video] What are Negative Keywords in Google Ads?

This week one of my email subscribers sent me a message asking me what negative keywords are. That's a great question! A lot of people don't even realise that that functionality exists until they have a professional work on their Google Ads or they do a bit of...

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[Video] How To Get Your Tax from Google Ads

You'd think that Google Ads would be able to just email you your receipt each time they charge your credit card, but unfortunately, they don't do this. Instead, they generate a PDF and you need to login and download it manually. You'll need to...

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