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You’ll definitely want to track “hyperactive buyers”

Some marketers presume that once someone has become a customer, they should no longer receive your paid advertising because you can now reach them for free via email. This could not be further from the truth. First of all, a lot of people are not reading promotional...

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Display Remarketing is like the new email

Display remarketing is probably even better than email these days. If you sell through email, you may have discovered to your frustration that email subscribers, open rates and click-throughs have dropped off a cliff lately. We all have so many emails, it is natural...

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Unlike email, you do need to pay for remarketing ads

Maybe it’s just me, but I am so exhausted from all the email these days that I just unsubscribe from almost everything, or filter them away to a promotions folder. I’d much, much, much rather receive a targeted ad over an email. I am sure there are others out there...

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New Product! Interactive Google Marketing Checklists

Hi guys, Petra Manos here with a quick story for you. I wanted to share with you this story so you can understand the reason I created these checklists [see offer below] and why I am sharing them with you. When I first started The Quantified Web, I offered analytics...

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