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This Week on The Freelancers Show

TFS 386: How To Get Corporate Gigs and Scale as a Freelancer with Matthew Mottola November 18th Matthew Mottola, CEO of Venture L and author of The Human Cloud, shares his insights into working as a freelancer as part of a larger corporation. He dispels myths about...

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New Product! Interactive Google Marketing Checklists

Hi guys, Petra Manos here with a quick story for you. I wanted to share with you this story so you can understand the reason I created these checklists [see offer below] and why I am sharing them with you. When I first started The Quantified Web, I offered analytics...

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You’re wrong, but let’s not worry about that…

My three year old daughter (Charlotte) is very good at connecting with people. She‘s been a master at rapport and empathy since she was a baby. One thing she has learned to do is soften the blow every time she gives a criticism. (No idea where she learned that - we’re...

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How I Got Into Google Ads Management

I was working as a software developer when I decided to quit my job to start a business. I had been creating heat maps to identify threats in cybersecurity data and so I hung up my shingle as an analytics expert, and picked Google Analytics as a platform. I quickly...

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This is What Happens When Your Dog Eats a Rainbow Bagel

The missing bagel... We have a local bagel maker. He makes these amazing rainbow bagels. Last week my daughter got out a bagel and left it out for her breakfast. Later that morning I heard "Mum! I've lost my bagel!" We looked under the sofa. We looked under the bed....

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Using Google Tag Manager to Track The Value of Checkboxes

Today I setup conversion tracking for a website that was designed around a more-complex-than-usual intake form. This form required the user to select from check boxes at each step (5 steps total). The final submission passed the values from the check boxes along with...

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