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Review your campaign budget allocations often

If revenue is your goal, there is no point at all in spending less than you could spend on your best campaigns, in favour of lower performing ones. When you set up your campaigns, you will want to pay close attention to what the Return On Ad Spend is for each...

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If someone is searching for you directly

I have a client who sells in a highly competitive product category and their product is a market leader. As a result their competitors target their own Google advertising at my client’s brand name to pick up people who are in market for the category. It gets really...

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Some people think a brand name campaign is a waste of money

This is even more important for Shopping ads and businesses with generic keywords in their name, because your competitors will be all over your search terms. Test this for yourself - type in your business name into Google and see if there are any text ads. Then look...

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Repeat business is good business

When you get repeat business you can afford to scale more aggressively through paid advertising. The reason being, the lifetime value of the customer less the initial cost to acquire the customer and less the cost of goods sold ends up being a much bigger profit. If...

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New Product! Interactive Google Marketing Checklists

Hi guys, Petra Manos here with a quick story for you. I wanted to share with you this story so you can understand the reason I created these checklists [see offer below] and why I am sharing them with you. When I first started The Quantified Web, I offered analytics...

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