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Today I spent the entire afternoon and evening in the children’s emergency waiting room, waiting for my son to have a cut mended after he fell off some play equipment. Ouch.

I’m not good with painful, bleeding or other medically unhappy things. Also the doctors warned that due to the location of the cut they might need 6 different needles for anaesthetic. They suggested my son was likely to attempt to fight them off and someone would need to hold him still while they did it. Well I wasn’t going to be the one to do that!

Our whole family of four ended up in the waiting room, so that Dad could be the brave one.

Scenarios like this is why I am so relieved that for the past year and a bit I have been investing heavily into building out processes and training my team. I let everyone on my team know that I was on my mobile and that they should contact me via slack if they needed help with anything. How many requests for help did I get? Zero. So while all this was happening my team were just getting on with things and marking tasks off as done.

Yes I have an awesome team, but still I couldn’t help but feel pleased that I could have an afternoon off without getting pulled into dramas at work. I like to prevent dramas from happening in the first place, and I don’t want to become a single point of reference for a growing team.

I can just imagine what it could have been like – if things were less organised I might have been a mess of beeps and buzzes. Everyone asking me a million questions, not even aware that they’re interrupting the 30th replay of Peppa Pig on YouTube and that my child had threatened mutiny if I took the phone away. (I’m so glad that didn’t happen – between a beep, a buzz and a tantrum, which do you pick to respond to?)

As it turns out, I did have quite a lot of free time in the hospital to read a book. I read Content Machine by Dan Norris. When you love your work, you can still find some time to fit some in! 🙂

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