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I started The Quantified Web in 2017 after I discovered the field of marketing data analytics. I developed a specialization in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager conversion tracking.

It quickly became apparent that the types of businesses that were struggling with how to access, interpret, visualize and harness the power of the data on their websites were primarily transactional in nature. Both managers and marketers for transactional websites wanted to understand how they were spending their marketing budgets and whether they were making appropriate choices, measuring the effectiveness of campaigns and how to increase the conversion rates and revenue from their websites and marketing activities.

To answer these questions I have been working with predominantly the following industries:

  • Ecommerce
  • Hotels
  • Insurance, Donation, Online Booking, Info Products and other transactional websites

My primary interest and area of investigation has been, “How can we use the tools supplied by Google (since these tools are free, robust and commonly used) to increase revenue for my clients’ ecommerce and transactional websites?”

Google Ads has become a natural extension of the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager specialization, and so I’ve now moved into a role where I manage a busy Ecommerce Google Ads and Analytics boutique agency.

I believe in sharing the expertise I’ve developed and so my plan is to build out this blog and video series to assist ecommerce and transactional websites to move the revenue needle on their websites through their Google marketing.

Would you like to work with me?

I would love to hear from you. You can contact me through my contact form here, call me (within Australian timezones) or send me an email.