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Had a Great Meeting with Alison Prince

Hi! How are you going today? So, I just had a consult with Alison Prince from and She runs a fantastic course where she's helping E-commerce entrepreneurs to realize their dreams by helping them to de-commoditize their...

Do You Have Hot Data?

Hi! How are you? So this past summer here in Adelaide we actually had the hottest temperature that we've ever had on record. It got up to 46.6 degrees Celcius. (I didn't suffer much, my office is air-conditioned). The funny thing is all of a sudden I started getting...

What EARWAX Taught Me About Analytics

Hi, how are you going? I'm going tell you a story today about why you need Analytics. So, this is a bit of a personal story hopefully it's not too TMI! I have super, super narrow ears and they're always full of earwax. Now you might wonder, what the hell has that got...